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Anybody Can Be a Published Author

The name of this site may be a little deceptive, but there was is self-published book by the same name and there's a lesson to be learned from the fate of the book. I'll get to that later. For now, here are the basics of self-publishing.

Do Your Homework

Understand that print-on-demand purposes are rarely free, but most are comparatively low-cost. Don't go with the first company you find, there are plenty. Research different companies to find one that fit your budget, has a good reputation, offers the services you need, and has been in business for a while. Print-on-demand (POD) services do just as advertised, print on demand. Your book isn't printed until it's ordered. Unless you find out that your book is a roaring success, consider publishing in e-book format only. It's a lot less expensive and won't saddle you with a garage full of moldy books.

Here's that takeaway lesson I promised. Heir to the Underworld and E.D. Walker's other book, The Beauty's Beast are available on Amazon.com, formerly in print and now formatted for Kindle, making Ms. Walker a legitimate published author. She's living the dream.

Book Size

If you really want the feel of that print in your hands (and ideally your customer's hands), there are a number of printing considerations, Including size. The POD company will have instructions and a list of print sizes they can work with. Once you have decided the size, margins, font size, and chapter headings may require adjustment. When your book is exactly to specifications, save as a PDF file for the printer. Don't forget to add page numbers!

Cover me

Even an ebook needs a cover. If you don't have the graphics skills, consider hiring a graphic artist. If money is tight, consider trying a low-cost site like fiverr.com where people submit designs for you to choose from for 5 bucks. Be prepared to supply the guidelines from the printer and specify colors and style. Be careful to ask for the source of any graphic elements or photos incorporated into the cover. Not everyone respects copyrights, and if there's a violation, you could be liable. When you're happy with the cover, save it as a PDF.

Get an ISBN

Purchasing and ISBN standardizes the marketing process so your book can be sold online. If you're publishing for family and friends only, or to be sold only on your website, an ISBN is not necessary. Your POD company may sell ISBNs, or you can go directly to any one of the hundreds of ISBN companies online.

Go to Print

Follow the instructions to submit the book and cover to the printing company. You may upload it directly or save it to a CD and mail it to the company. They will send you a proof copy for approval before printing all of the books. Changes at this stage may incur a fee.

Copyright your Work

Apply for a copyright to ensure that your work is protected. Every word you write has an automatic copyright even as you write it, but to ensure protection against theft, you can apply for an official copyright through the U.S. Copyright Office. If you receive a copyright before the book is published, you'll need a new copyright after it's in print, so it's probably better to wait until the book is finished and in print.