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This fan site is dedicated to American author E.D. Walker. Her official bio on Amazon reads:

E.D. Walker is a SoCal native with a BA in English Lit from Berkeley (GO BEARS!), who came of age with her nose stuck in a book and an obese cat kneading his claws in her lap. These days her nose is glued to her laptop as she pounds out her latest manuscript, and the obese cat, well, he just has to lie in wait until she goes to bed so he can knead his claws in her shoulder at 3am. And drool. She has two fantasy romance novels available now as eBooks: a sweet paranormal-historical starring a werewolf knight, THE BEAUTY'S BEAST, and a YA fantasy with Greek gods run amok, HEIR TO THE UNDERWORLD

These days, anyone can write a book and publish it, an opportunity made possible by the web and by book publishing software. You can even sell your book online. Which is great, but understand that you are very unlikely to get rich unless you are extremely talented and your book catches fire online and goes viral. Is it possible? Yes. Likely? No. When everybody can publish, the marketplace becomes so crowded that the chance of anyone finding your book without targeted marketing is astronomical. So, while you may have powerful publishing tools literally at your fingertips, making money is another issue entirely. Go into publishing with your eyes open...and don't quit your day job.

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